The project

Support for victims of sexual violence in the DRC

Official sponsor : Dr. Denis mukwege.

Project initiator: Dr Emmanuel Mukwege.


A few years ago, the Interface Church in Péruwelz donated 1,000 euros to survivors of sexual violence treated at the Panzi hospital, run by Dr Denis Mukwege (Nobel Peace Prize in 2018).

This amount of money was shared among 10 women in the form of microcredits. Through supervision, training and monitoring from the Panzi Foundation, 90% of women beneficiaries of this microcredit have multiplied their modest capital by several hundred times.

Eight years later, most of them said they had lifted themselves out of poverty. They had bought plots of land, houses, paid for university studies or wedding expenses for their children, etc.

This experience has been one of the most rewarding for our church. With little money and thanks to the entrepreneurial genius of survivors of sexual violence, many families, made up of several children, were able to extricate themselves from their precarious situation.

Few words from Dr Denis Mukwege

Few words of Denis, with his brother Emmanuel. Video in french.

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