Our aims

Currently, the women who have benefited from this modest financial contribution have formed themselves into Mutuals of Solidarity. They meet once a week to encourage each other. At the end of the meeting, they each give a humble contribution to the solidarity fund of their mutual. This initiative helps support one or the other member affected by bereavement or an illness that requires hospital treatment.

The aim of our association is to federate these different mutuals around community projects likely to improve the living conditions of these women and those of their respective communities.

The list of projects is not exhaustive. Priority will be given to the least expensive and the simplest, accessible, feasible and likely to unite all the actresses. Among other projects, we can cite:

  1. Urgent care clinics with a few maternity beds in poor, urban and rural areas;
  2. A reception structure for children born of rape, orphans and abandoned children;
  3. A training center for manual trades: plumbing, tiling, domestic electricity, etc.

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On site

The property on which the dispensary will be built (owned by our association):

Our hope: soon a dispensary on this ground