Our non-profit association

This non-profit organisation (NPO) was set up the September 24, 2021 (Business number 0774.581.820), at the initiative of Emmanuel Mukwege, in accordance with the Belgian law of June 27, 1921.

Called “Interface Compassion Internationale” and abbreviated ICI.

The interface is a border between two worlds, which interact with each other. It can be: heaven and earth, heaven and church, church and world or, from a humanitarian perspective, North and South, the haves and the needy.

Its vocation is to provide local and international humanitarian assistance:

  • By facilitating access to urgent and local health care, particularly for women and children in order to fight against infant and maternal mortality;
  • By defending, enhancing and promoting women’s equality through support for local development initiatives, particularly with regard to agricultural, fish-farming, artistic production, and so on;
  • By promoting Mutuality of Solidarity (MUSO) through the donation of micro-credits to vulnerable women;
  • By promoting technical education for children, born of rape;

It can also assist any person or partner association pursuing any similar or complementary activity to its purpose or mobilize for urgent aid to victims of natural disasters.