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Dr Emmanuel Mukwege

I have been a pastor for about thirty years, including more than 28 years in Péruwelz (Belgium). About ten years ago, our church in Péruwelz gave 1000 euro to women survivors of sexual violence who were treated in Panzi.

Thanks to the teachings received by the agents of the Panzi Foundation, these vulnerable and injured women have show unprecedented resilience. This derisory financial support enabled them to meet the challenges, both medical and academic of their children. This experience definitely convinced us to engage with them, who are the future of humanity.

Emmanuel is the president of the association.

Dr Christian Mostosi

I am an occupational physician. My role is to ensure the well-being, health and safety of the employees of the companies in which I am responsible. I have the privilege of doing an exciting job, immersed in the corporate world but also confronted with the social issues of the people I meet.

Doctor above all, the humanitarian perspective of this profession is necessary. And it is with joy that I agreed to provide all my help and my skills to reach the aims of our project.

Christian is the secretary of the association.

More information about Christian:

Maryse Wagret

I am 50 years old and I am the mother of 2 big boys. To sum up the principles of my Christian life, I would say that God’s blessing is not to be wasted selfishly. Jesus, my model, gave everything, forgetting Himself. He shared His glory by making me heir to it.

My turn to share and invest myself in the Kingdom of God. By helping my neighbor, by serving a Christian humanitarian cause, I will be able to present myself before God having accomplished the works that He has prepared in advance for me. My heart being turned towards Africa, I wish to put myself at the service of Interface Compassion Internationale. May God give me the capacities and the means to bless this work.

Maryse is the assistant secretary of the association.

Yvette Wuilpart

I am a retired mother of two children, a grandmother of four grandchildren and a great grandchild. Since I was 18, I have been active in the church and my desire is to put into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ our Savior.

This is how I am sensitive to the needs of those around me, near and far. I want to get involved in this dispensary construction project and support it according to my financial and spiritual possibilities. May this dispensary improve and encourage many people for a better life.

Yvette is the treasurer of the association.

Dr Marie-Claire Hennico

I am a physician, specialised in the assessment of bodily injury, now retired. I practiced my activity within the framework of the SPF Social Security, General Directorate of Handicapped Persons. This function was, for me, rich in meetings with people from all over the world. I was able to address not only their physical problems, but also psychological and socio-family issues, as well as share their questions of all kinds.

In the work of Dr Denis Mukwege, at Panzi Hospital, I particularly appreciate the holistic care of patients, with his concern for “caring for bodies and souls” and ensuring their social and professional reintegration.

It is with great enthusiasm that I will put my availability as a (young) retiree at the service of an association that promotes the same human, societal and Christian values ​​at the service of others.

Laetitia Louchart

I am 45 years old. I am married and have a daughter. As an educator for 23 years in an Institution for people with multiple disabilities, I realized, over the years, that it was a rewarding vocation. Listening and sharing daily show us the importance of being useful for those in greatest difficulty. I have always enjoyed giving my time for saddened hearts. We have more pleasure in giving than in receiving! So I am getting involved in this project in order to see the outcome of this dispensary and thus support lives.

Dr Rosy N’Gbo N’Gbo Ikazabo

I am a neurologist.
If I chose medicine, it is for the human side of this profession and for the opportunity to treat sick people with the hope of seeing them heal.
I can’t stand inequality. Especially the inequality of access to care. The situation of women victims of sexual violence affect me deeply.

I want to provide all the help necessary for the accomplishment of the mission that this non-profit organisation has set itself so that as many women and children as possible can benefit from a little help that could change their lives.

More information about Rosy:

Carole Flamme & Mehdi Belkacem

We are Carole Flamme and Medhi Belkacem, married for 17 years and parents of two wonderful daughters.

Since we both work in the social sector, we face human distress on a daily basis. The well-being of the other is for us a real concern! This is why getting involved in the projects of this non-profit association and supporting it seems obvious to us.

Carole is the assistant treasurer of the association.

Christine Romont

I was a kindergarten teacher and I have been retired since 2019. I have always been keen to help my neighbor. It seems very important to me to ensure that everyone has the right to care and to be listened to regarding every problem.

Through my participation, however small, compared to what such a project needs, I intend to bring this wonderful project to fruition!

Louise Nathalie Batama

I am 46 years old. I have 2 children and I work in the pharmaceutical industry. From an early age, I had poor health. I have always been aware that without God and if my parents did not have enough financial comfort, I would have died very young. This fragility made me very sensitive to human misery and suffering.

Joining this project and this non-profit organization is for me the beginning of the answer to a prayer made at the age of 14, The opening an orphanage. I hope with my modest spiritual, financial, physical and moral participation, to help alleviate a little the misery of this world.

Emmanuel Dufrane

I am married and have 3 sons. I am a management engineer and I work in a psycho-medico-social center. I am also one of the leaders of the Interface Church in Péruwelz.

Five years ago, I spent a few weeks in Bukavu (DRC), among several groups that help, support and rebuild the most damaged and needy. These included the clinic of Dr Denis Mukwege and Mutuals of solidarity.

Faced with the scale of the lack, but also before the courage and strength of this population, which does so much with so little, we immediately decided to support these actions. Since then, we have been able to support dozens of mothers via microcredits to launch long-term professional activities.

Participating in Interface Compassion Internationale is the continuation of this desire born a few years ago.

Ruth Miclisse

I am from Haiti. From an early age, I was confronted with human suffering caused by natural disasters and bad governance in our country. This is one of the reasons I studied to become a nurse.

In order to relieve, as much as I can, this human suffering. It is also for this purpose that I join the association ICI.

Amandine Beck

As an educator, my heart is won over by early childhood. I have made it my profession for a few years. 

I want to bring my expertise to the fight for the restoration of the dignity of women and children, here and elsewhere.

Stany Dick

I am an automotive sales. Every month I travel thousands of kilometers to visit my clients. Everywhere I go, I realize how lucky I am.

However, I have always believed that true happiness is found in the values ​​of sharing and hospitality. This non-profit association gives me the opportunity to live these values ​​which are dear to my heart.

Lilly Kanega Nkubonage

Daughter of a pastor and wife of pastor, Dr Emmanuel Mukwege, I was sensitized very early on to human misery. My parents had nothing for them. They lived for the orphan, the widow and the stranger.

I would like to honor their memory by following in their footsteps. I am happy to be part of this association with very passionate friends for the defense of the humanitarian cause.

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