Suspending time…the time of a concert.

Suspending time.

Have you ever experienced it?

Popular opinion has it that classical music is an inaccessible, elitist, rigid and pretentious discipline.

During the concerts of August 6 and 13, organized by our association, Professor Silvio Legni showed us the opposite.

Not only by making himself personally accessible to all. But also by combining passion and poetry, precision and softness, beauty and harmony, discipline and flexibility.

He made us come out of this experience enriched with these qualities, which are appreciable by every human being.

Time was like suspended.

A necessary break in a society that wants to be faster, more profitable, more demanding and less human.

By offering you this time, we wanted to expose you to these human qualities essential not only to our personal well-being, but also to humanity.

If Cicero found a link between music and the heart, which is the conscience of a people, this time could make us aware of the misery to which a part of humanity is exposed.

This time was an invitation to share a little of that sweetness.

An ancient book declares that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, this association is an opportunity to experience its truth.

Our association is sponsored by Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2018.

His work is a demonstration of the human values that inspire us and are dear to us.

The medical dispensary that will soon be built in Kalehe, not far from Bukavu, is but an extension of the work he has already accomplished.

Like the growth of a tree, we can allow it to branch out and continue this work.

Since music has an influence on history, join us in rewriting the history of a woman, the history of a village, your history.

Do you dare to take up the challenge with us?

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And to become a member, please contact us !

See you soon,

The team ICI

(Text written by Nina Magline Mukwege and Christian Mostosi)

The concert to help the sexual violence victims and to build a medical dispensary in Kalehe, in DRC.
Professor Silvio Legni during the concert of August 6, in Péruwelz (Belgium).