Women’s Rights Day 2022

Every year in the DRC, women are raped.

Every year, sexual crimes are committed.

Every year we face our own challenges and difficulties.

Some events are sudden, unpredictable and others can be planned.

Rape, fighting, suffering, anxiety.

At some point we all have to face them.

But there is a force within us that fuels hope.

In the face of these situations, let us not lose it to despair.

Our vision is this building project.

A medical dispensary, to offer access to care.

To those who need it most.

Together we can make it happen.

Together we can help put the worst behind us.

Together our enthusiasm can only grow.

Communication, association, are values we want to believe in.

You too can be part of it.

We can help these women to rebuild their lives.

To find an identity, an education and to be able to learn.

A slow process of repair and healing.

Thanks to your hearts touched by this action, we can continue to collect many donations.

May each of us participate at our own level.

May we all be a little stream.

May we be able to alleviate all these scourges.

We are HERE and we have chosen to help women who have been abused in the DRC.

(text written by Laetitia Louchart and Christian Mostosi)